Who can write my essay on soccer?

The essay of the student is an independent written work on the topic proposed by the teacher (the topic can be suggested by the student, but must be agreed with the teacher). You can write it by yourself or get custom essay writing service help.

For example, the theme of the essay is soccer. Life is so arranged that every person has his own interests and talents for anything. Someone can draw well, someone collects stamps and rare coins, someone likes fishing and hunting, and someone’s hobby is playing football. This is what the student should write in the essay. How to do it right?

The essay about soccer is a composition of free form and content that reflects the opinion or impression of the author on any issue.

Before answering the question of how to write an essay, it makes sense to bring its distinctive characteristics:
– the presence in the text of a clearly marked topic. In the process of exposition, only a slight deviation from it is possible;
– The essay is characterized by a purely personal opinion of the author on any issue and does not pretend to be scientifically grounded;
– The first thing that attention is paid to when assessing an essay is the author’s opinion whether it is justified, whether it is sustained in philosophical or empirical data and so on.

The plan of the essay is quite primitive, but you should adhere to it:

1. Introduction.
2. Thesis (fundamental thoughts);
3. Arguments (protection of one’s idea);
4. Conclusion (conclusions, results).

Taking up the writing of the essay about soccer, one must adhere to the basic postulates:
– the introductory and final part should be maximally focused on the main idea of the essay;
– logical design (red lines, paragraphs, etc.);
– the artistic style of presentation (emotional coloring will be a big plus in favor of the author.

If you are still wondering how to write an essay on a given topic, then you will also need to know about the basic rules.
1. Presence of a heading is an integral part of any composition.
2. The main part of the presentation can have a free form.
3. The argumentation of one’s thought is necessary, not less than the formulation of the main problem.
4. The essay is written to a person who has an idea or his point of view about what will be discussed in this work. This is the main difference between the essay and the report.

1. Inattentive proofreading and text checking. Explore the text for spelling, punctuation, semantic and stylistic errors.
2. Lack of attractiveness in the introductory part of the text. Express more clearly and emotionally.
3. Excessive verbosity and too long intricate sentences will not become an adornment of your work.

Features of an essay

There are several common features of the genre, usually listed in dictionaries and encyclopedias.
1. A small amount. Of course, there are no hard and fast boundaries. The volume of the essay is 3-7 pages of text typed on the computer.
2. Specific topic and subjectively underlined its interpretation. An essay can’t contain a lot of ideas (thoughts) or topics. It displays only one thought, one variant and develops it. The topic of the essay is specific, it is the answer to just one question.
3. An important feature of the essay is a free composition. Researchers note that the nature of the essay is designed in such a way that it does not require any formal framework.
4. Lack of narration. The main thing is to establish a friendly style of communication between the author of the essay and the reader: to avoid unnecessarily strict, unclear and complicated constructions.
5. Striving to paradoxes. According to many researchers – to surprise the reader or listener is the main quality of the essay.
6. Semantic internal unity. Perhaps this is one of the paradoxical phenomena of the genre.
7. Orientation to spoken language. In an essay, you need to avoid overly frivolous tone, shortening of words, pattern phrases and slang. The language used to write the essay must be taken seriously.

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