How to write the essay about Leadership

Questions about leadership are usually of two types: about the style of leadership and about the situation in which you showed your leadership qualities. One should not try to uncover two questions in one essay, as they require a different approach. Get exclusive custom essay help here.

In the first case, you need to disclose your approach to leadership, as well as your principles, for which you have an impression about this or that style of management. It would be nice to back up your conclusions with examples from life.

In the second case, you need to focus on one single example from your life, or at least two. The scheme of writing is simple: first, describe the details of the situation in which you were, then – your actions. However, it is necessary to describe carefully, including the prerequisites for the problem, its development, the solution and the lessons that you have made for yourself. In the course, you also need to demonstrate how your leadership qualities showed up at one or another stage.

Despite the differences in the accentuation, the technique of answering both questions remains common. So, there are a few recommendations.

Describe your advantages

Although everyone knows that ideal people do not exist, you do not need to talk about your weaknesses. You can only mention minor flaws that you are about to correct. It is important that the correction of these shortcomings is real, and not something of the sort of fiction. If you decide not to talk about your weaknesses, be careful and do not write an ode to your beloved. After reading such an essay, you might get the impression that you have only a distant view of leadership – a cliche, a stereotype, in real life you are far from applying your leadership qualities in practice. In fact, the purpose of describing your strengths is to show that you know your own worth, objectively assess your professional advantages.

Avoid banal approaches in your essay

Perhaps, in your essay, you will not open anything new, but you should not repeat the beaten rules anyway. The best approach is to remain a unique person. For example, you can describe how uniquely you managed to connect two completely primitive principles, but in no case do not write everything that you know about leadership.

Demonstrate the development

Potential readers of your essay want to see how your worldview has developed and transformed. Start with the fact that you are in some way in doubt. In the course of the story, describe how your mind has changed. Make your development the leitmotif of the essay.

Describe your personal qualities

To your own idea of how to manage, add also a description of your personal qualities that developed as a result of solving a problem. Communication skills, ability to cooperate with someone, organizational skills, plus initiative, responsibility, the vision of the problem – the key to success. However, one should not simply list the words, it is necessary to demonstrate everything through examples.

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