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Writing an essay is a rare art. Students and pupils on the threshold of exams often have a question about how to write an essay. A sample of writing this kind of work is also searched often, and, it is worth saying, it is not difficult to find it. But why write it in principle? This question also has an answer. Find the best custom writing service you can rely on.

Writing an essay develops creative thinking, writing skills of thoughts. A person learns to identify cause-effect relationships, structure information, formulate what he would like to express, argue his point of view, illustrating it with various examples, summarize the material presented. Usually, essays are devoted to philosophical, intellectual and moral-ethical issues. The latter is often used for assigning essays to schoolchildren – they are not presented with strict requirements, citing lack of erudition and informal design of the work.

An example of a philosophical essay on the theme of the human name.
The name affects fate. Note, it does not predetermine it, does not decide for a person how to live it, but only gives a hint in which direction to move.

Can I pay somebody to write my essay about my name?

Long ago people did not just attribute a certain name, some traits, but based on the experience of generations. Because the character traits associated with the person’s name are predominant, in fact, they determine a certain core in people around which all the rest, taken over from the surrounding world, will be wrapped around, racial, genetic, and other signs.

The phonetics of the name also has a certain meaning, the sounds influence the auditory receptors in a certain way, and subsequently the brain and we react to what we heard, automatically comparing the heard, seen and its internal sensation, the energy emanating from the person. Not always all 3 qualities are put together, and then we say that the name does not suit you, and we put forward our own version of the person’s name.

And what if the truth does not fit, it turns out that parents did not feel the currents coming from their child in time and prescribed another’s destiny to him. Perhaps, most likely not fate, but gave him a ticket on the wrong train. But we know that there is a return ticket or a train of another direction. The start is given, and then the person chooses his own directions. The name denotes a person, determines the part of its energy, but we build our own destiny ourselves and not as otherwise.

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