How to write an essay about global warming

Do you need to write an essay on a given topic? But you do not know where to start, and the fear of a blank sheet overcomes you? Do not be discouraged – it’s easier than you think. We will tell you a few simple rules. Or You can get help with your paper on our custom essay writer service.

Firstly, note, the essay is a work expressing a personal opinion on any occasion. Translated from French, this word generally means “attempt.” Consequently, an essay, unlike a task or an abstract, cannot be wrong. It expresses only your point of view, which will always be original and not like other views. Do not be afraid and do not hesitate to express your thoughts.

Secondly, when writing essays, in order to express your beliefs more effectively, write them first on a piece of paper, form a kind of plan with basic theses. For example, you write an essay about global warming. Then we will offer the following theses: “What is global warming?”, “How does ecology help solve this problem?”, “Laws and patterns of global warming”, “What is the past and future of the planet in conditions of global warming?”, etc. Do not rush into digging in handbooks, textbooks and Wikipedia, think what you personally know about this topic, what you have heard how you feel about this problem, how it affects your life, the life of your city and country. Answering these questions, you can answer the main question – is global warming the most important problem of our time. If the answer turns out to be negative, do not be scared, because this is your opinion and it is most important to argue about it. After presenting your own thoughts, proceed to the literature review on the given topic. It is advisable to give preference to new books or scientific articles in recent years, choosing only the most important provisions and facts.

Help me to write an essay about Global Warming

The third important point is the introduction to the essay. It should be interesting, even paradoxical.

Fourthly, presenting further your reflections in the main part of the essay, try to avoid too “smart” phrases, scientific revisions, because the essay tends toward artistic style, but also colloquial expressions are unacceptable. It is important to give examples, analogies, for example, cases of misuse of nature, which had catastrophic consequences. To add beauty to the narrative, small dialogues are inserted, unexpected twists and turns. A common mistake of many authors of the essay is their excessive emotionality. All the above materials and facts are intended to serve as arguments of your theses and hypothesis (in this case, assumptions about the importance or secondary nature of ecology as a science in the modern world).

The conclusion should be attractive and bright. For example, you can say that it is impossible to destroy the environment because it will be restored even in millions of years, but here mankind is capable of destroying itself, wrongly dealing with nature and ignoring the laws of ecology.

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