How to write an essay about religion

Religion plays a huge role in the life of society and the state. It compensates for the fear of death by believing in eternal life, helps to find moral, and sometimes material support for the sufferer. Christianity, briefly about religion, is one of the world’s religious teachings, which has been relevant for over two thousand years.

Unlike the essay on literature, where the minimum volume of work is clearly stipulated and general thinking (“philosophizing” without concretization) is allowed, in the essay about religion, the volume is unlimited, but its structure and content are fundamentally different. The essay about religion is actually the answer to the question: “Do I agree with this statement and why?”. Get online essay writing help here. That is why in the essay about religion must be present strict arguments, scientific and concretization. At the same time, it should be noted that often as a topic of the essay used very paradoxical, unusual statements that require imaginative thinking, an unconventional approach to solving the problem. This inevitably leaves its imprint on the style of essay writing, it requires maximum concentration of strength and attention.

Essays on religion subject

Essays about religion should be more systematic than historical-philosophical or simply descriptive. In each work, a clear author’s thesis must be put forward, evidence must be presented in its favor, and, if necessary, in the article the author can turn to a refutation of possible objections and their evidence. It is encouraged if the author of the essay takes part in modern philosophical debates.

The essay should refer to the field of philosophy of religion or philosophical theology. By “philosophy of religion” in this case it is understood the domain of philosophy, in which questions about God and religious faith are investigated. By “philosophical theology” it is meant the field of systematic theology, in which the questions of theology are explored with the help of philosophical tools.

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Both these areas of knowledge overlap, but the distinction between them is as follows: the arguments put forward within the philosophy of religion are based only on those premises that can in principle be known only by the forces of reason, whereas the arguments used in philosophical theology may Base on assumptions made on the basis of an alleged supernatural revelation. In both cases, the clarity of the presentation, the neat distinctions, the attention of the author to logic, the author’s use (where appropriate) of the results of empirical research, and, above all, the author’s attempt to present as weighty proof of his thesis as possible, are of great importance.

The list of possible topics is not limited to the authors: evidence in favor of or against the existence of God, a philosophical study of the divine nature (omnipotence, omniscience, eternity, etc.), discussion of the rationality (or irrationality) of religious faith, the problem of human freedom and divine foreknowledge, the relationship of the divine and morality, etc.

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